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  • What do you buy?
    Gold Jewellery, Gold Bars and Gold Coins; in yellow, white, rose, and green gold; in all karats and conditions. We will also purchase platinum, silver, diamonds, other precious stones, bent & broken jewellery, dental gold, estate jewellery, silverware, flatware, watches, scrap gold and more.

  • How much do you pay?
    Our representative will appraise your items and provide a CASH offer. The price is determined per gram, by purity (14K, 18k, etc.) and the current market price of gold. Our offer will most likely be more than you would receive from your local jeweller.

  • How much money can I make by hosting a Gold Party?
    The party host or hostess receives a 10% commission on the total amount purchased at the event. For example, if buys $7,000 worth of gold and jewellery at your party, we will pay you $700. Do not forget we also contribute $75 towards food, drinks, and entertainment for the party.

  • Do you work outside the GTA?
    Yes, we work across Canada, just contact us to arrange a Gold Party, an appraisal appointment or a private and secure mail-order purchase of your old and unwanted jewellery.

  • Do you require a minimum or maximum number of guests at a gold party?
    You can invite as many people as you like to your party. As a minimum we do recommend at least 6 guests for GTA parties and 10 or more for parties outside the GTA.

  • Do you provide an invitation to use for inviting guests to the party?
    Yes, of course! gladly assists with Party Planning by providing e-mail and post-mail customized party invites.

  • How long does a Gold Party last?
    Depending on how many guests attend the party, it can last between two and three hours.

  • When do the guests and the host(s) receive payment? pays immediately for; gold and jewellery purchase; food and drink contribution; hosting commissions.

  • What if I have gold and jewellery I am interested in selling however I do not desire to host or attend a Gold Party?
    Contact us and we will make arrangements for a private appointment with one of our representatives or you can use our secure mail-order system.

  • What if my jewellery contains diamonds or stones?
    These can be removed and returned to you at no extra charge. If they are valuable we will make a CASH offer for these too!

  • Do you purchase watches?
    Yes, we will purchase fine watches.

  • If I am not sure if my gold is real, can you test it?
    No problem! Our representatives will test and appraise all jewellery, if it is concluded an item is not authentic, we happily return it to you.

  • I attend a party and decide not to sell my gold?
    Enjoy the party! Remember there is no obligation to sell.

  • What if I already have an appraisal from a Jeweller or my Insurance Company? pays the wholesale value for your items. These prices change frequently as the market price of gold and US dollar exchange rate varies daily. Thus we can not go by appraisals and retail values as they can be out-dated or inflated to accommodate retail mark-up and insurance replacement value. Our representatives appraise the items on site and will make the best wholesale cash offer possible, dependant on current market conditions and currency exchange rates.

  • How can I find out the gold karat of my jewellery?
    Yes, examine your gold and jewellery for Hallmarks. These are stamped imprints which indicate the Karat. It often appears on the inside of rings, clasp of chains, earring backs, or other none noticeable areas. Although stamped, our professionals may still test the gold to confirm the purity.

  • Is it possible to get my item back if I change my mind?
    After the party has concluded, all purchases are final. The gold and jewellery is purchased for scrap and recycling, it will be melted immediately, thus it is not possible to return it to you.

  • What does do with the gold and jewellery purchased? is environmentally conscience; all gold and jewellery purchased will be recycled and refined for re-introduction into circulation.

  • Is affiliated with Gold.To? is not the same company as and we are not officially affiliated with The Toronto Gold Exchange. However, does sponsor www.Gold.TO by advertising on their website.